Related Groups & Journals

Modeling Contests (not organized by ICTMA)

CUMCM  in China (organized by CSIAM and with others, for undergraduates)

HiMCM, MCM & ICM in USA (organized by COMAP, for high school students and undergraduates)

Mathematics A-lympiad  in The Netherlands (organized by the Freudenthal institute of Utrecht University, for secondary students)

A B Paterson College Mathematical Modelling Challenge (organised by A B Paterson College, Gold Coast Queensland, Australia, for primary and secondary students Years 4 -11)

Modeling Journals (not published by ICTMA)

Journal of Mathematical Modeling and Application

Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms

Teaching Mathematics and its Applications

Applied Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical and Computer Modelling

Mathematical Modelling and Applied Computing

International Journal of Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Applications